Dominik Vogel

Dominik Vogel


Since the year 2000 Dominik Vogel has focused on electronic music, with a special emphasis on Techno. As a real “old school musician” he believes in utilizing analogous instruments and hardware, and there is no production of his without drum computers and synthesizers. This approach has also proven to be successful in his projects concerning Dubstep and Breakbeat.

His tracks convey feelings which cannot be expressed in words. So he uses modulations as his personal letters of the alphabet to tell stories in music. In his live shows Dominik excels because of the passion he shows, again employing exclusively hardware and analogous synthesizers. Apart from his own Techno live-acts he also accompanies DJ-sets playing driving percussion or v-drums with great fervor.

Since 2008 he has been co-owner and audio-engineer of the label Rotraum Music and has done not only vinyl and digital releases but also remixes for a number of international artists.

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